Phoenix Management is a full service financial and accounting firm.

Our responsibility is to provide each of our clients personalized services and all the tools needed to help their business grow.  We believe that each client can reach new business heights; we have every piece your business needs to get there.

We provide effective recommendations and develop immediate action plans to help more efficiently manage your business needs and your life. Experience the peace of mind of knowing your affairs are being handled and monitored by the very best experts in the industry.

Let us show you that finance and accounting is not as stressful or challenging as it has been portrayed to be.  We tailor each approach for our clients’ specific needs and work with you to create a bigger picture. We love helping clients achieve their goals and will help with each piece of the process until the final picture can be seen.

Phoenix Management, piecing together all your business needs.





Paying taxes is not a bad thing; it actually makes you more attractive to investors and institutions. Phoenix management will work with you on your accounting and bookkeeping  – whether it is catching you up on past tax periods, current tax periods or planning for the future.



Phoenix Management has been a leader in providing entrepreneurs and business owners with the guidance needed to get the capital injection needed, to start and grow their business. We work with business owners to achieve financial success.   



Phoenix Management has provided professional consulting services for entrepreneurs starting a new business, to experience business owners preparing to grow and expand. We provide a wide range of services from business advisory, project management and marketing consulting.  

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